Conquest of the Peacekeepers

First came the Peacekeepers of Archon. A race of humans possessing a power known as the Radiant Starlight, the Archons were determined to bring peace to a war-torn world known as Matereia.

Then came the Golden Hammer Corsol Division, a race of human cyborgs possessing a dazzling array of products. The Golden Hammer sought ownership of the planet’s resources and the Archons themselves.

And now even a greater threat now plagues the planet. Ilhrek, a Thulantean Monarch of the Throneworld Hierarchy, has taken the world for himself. He promises to transform the world into a proper Throneworld, a planet where are all are enslaved by the Thulanteans.

Peacekeeper Ensign Whitney, one of the last few loyal Archon Peacekeepers, is being held against her will. Idolized by the Matereians, Ilhrek plans to groom her into a proper slave and use her as a perfect example of how Archons will serve the Hierarchy.

Empowered by the Radiant Starlight, Whitney is the one person who can stop the Mad Monarch and his quest for domination.


— G. P. Navarre

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