3 conquest of the peacekeeper


Buy and enjoy Gray’s digital creations from his book series such as book cover concepts as well as major characters, scenes from chapters, spaceships and armory.

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Unveil the cosmos with “Attack of the Peacekeepers”—a masterpiece in vibrant and crystal-clear artwork that captures the imagination.

Dive deep into a space odyssey where eight intrepid peacemakers, united under one valiant leader, stand poised to confront a cosmic adversary. Every detail of this poster pulls you into a narrative of heroism, camaraderie, and the eternal fight between good and evil.

Crafted for the dreamers and storytellers, this fictional portrayal is a beacon for all who dare to venture beyond the stars. Dive in and let the adventure unfold.


  • The Poster of Attack of the Peacekeepers are designed with vibrant, crystal-clear artwork.
  • They are printed on semi-gloss premium poster paper, 4.6 pt. thickness with high-quality ink.
  • Hang these posters on a wall, corkboard, locker, or bulletin board with pushpins, poster mounts, or tape at home, school, or work. Frames are also available in Amazon or any art stores.
  • Poster Dimensions: vertical format, 11” x 17”